February Newsletter 🌷

February Newsletter 🌷

Greetings, Garden Enthusiasts!

As February unfolds, we're celebrating Black History Month and Valentine's Day, marking a time of reflection and connection. 

💕 February is the month for celebrating love, and this love should extend to our gardens. The tender attention we give to our plants, the excitement of watching seeds sprout, and the satisfaction of harvesting the fruits of our labor—all of these embody the essence of love in gardening. February is an ideal time to start planning and sowing seeds for your summer gardens. Pour your love and intention into this process, nurturing your plants with care and anticipation for the growth to come.

🌟 As February unfolds, we commemorate Black History Month by honoring the profound contributions of Black individuals in gardening, agriculture, and horticultural therapy. From trailblazers like Effie Lee Newsome, who advocated for nature education among African American children, to pioneers like George Washington Carver, whose innovations revolutionized agriculture, their legacies enrich our green spaces and inspire future generations. Take a moment to delve deeper into their stories by checking out the link from Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden titled "5 Historic Black Figures in Horticulture, Gardening, and Plant Sciences You Should Know." Let's use this month as an opportunity to amplify Black voices in the gardening community and celebrate the diversity and richness of our collective heritage.

Though our calendar remains unmarked by events this February, let's carry the spirit of love, appreciation, and inclusivity with us as we tend to our gardens and nurture our connections with nature.

Happy gardening, and see you in the soil!

SoWhat Studios 🌿

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